Speed Cameras in Maryland

The Maryland House of Delegates voted to allow speed monitoring cameras in Maryland near schools and highway work zones. The Maryland Senate already approved this bill, and Governor O’Malley’s signature is a formality. A few years ago, the Maryland legislature passed similar legislation designed to prevent pedestrian auto accidents but then-Governor Ehrlich vetoed the bill.

What does it mean? Maryland drivers pictured going over 11 miles an hour over the speed limit would get a $40 ticket. That’s it.

The opposition to this bill is Big Brother. Here’s my question: what is more of an imposition, getting pulled over, or having someone take your picture? It seems to me speed cameras are just the opposite of an invasion of privacy.

This is the first step towards putting speed cameras everywhere. I think this is a good thing that would in the long haul go a long way toward decreasing serious auto accident injuries and fatalities on Maryland roadways.

Among the most serious auto accidents, our lawyers see in Maryland are pedestrian accidents, often involving people working near the road and children. Not surprisingly, you can often find children near a school. (Film at 11.) This law is designed with these Maryland pedestrian accidents in mind, but I think it is reasonable to expect this law will be expanded over time to include other areas where speed causes accidents – which is just about anywhere.

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