Maryland Workers Compensation Claims: A New Study

Maryland workers’ compensation claims have been growing rapidly but Maryland’s comp system is still an efficient system compared to other states, according to two new studies by the Workers Compensation Research Institute, a non-profit that looks a workers’ compensation issues.

The major driver was the rapid growth in average medical payments per claim. But when compared to nine other states (California, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin), researchers found that Maryland provides the best value both for employers and injured workers. This was true in spite of the fact that Maryland’s workers’ comp process typically – according to the study – requires Maryland workers’ compensation lawyers and, relatively speaking, a great deal of paperwork. Specifically, the study found that defense lawyers were involved in Maryland much more often than most other states. However, workers’ compensation payments per claim to defense lawyers were the lowest of the 14 study states.

The bad news is that the Maryland workers’ compensation system also takes a bit long for injured workers in Maryland to get their money. The first indemnity payment was longer in Maryland than in other jurisdictions even though Maryland quickly reports injuries, the average time from notice to getting a check was the longest of any state as several state labor organizations.