Tire Deflating Judge

The Maryland Daily Record reports today that an “extremely remorseful” circuit judge in Charles County would accept a public reprimand for deflating the tire of a woman improperly parked in a restricted area of the Charles County Courthouse, according to documents filed by his attorney with the Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities. The judge pleaded guilty last October to vehicle tampering, a misdemeanor. The judge paid a $500 fine and was ordered by Judge Robert C. Wilcox to “write a heartfelt letter of apology” to the tire deflator.

At this point, it seems like we are burning unnecessary tax dollars on further proceedings. The judge was thoroughly embarrassed and either (1) feels legitimate remorse and realizes he did the wrong thing or, (2) feels in his heart he did nothing wrong and that woman had it coming (which is obviously how he felt in the long moment that he had to make the decision). But, either way, and we will never know which, no one is suggesting is a removable offense. And he has already paid the price of national publicity. So let’s hope it is the former and move on.