Handling Total Loss and Diminished Value Property Damage Claims Without a Lawyer

I frequently get an email that is some version of this one:

Hello Professor Miller,

It’s [name withheld], and I took Sports Law from you (really learned a lot by the way). Anyway, the reason, for my [voicemail], and why I’m writing is because I have a friend who has a problem. He purchased what I believed was an SUV, brand new in 2006. A few months ago it was stolen and vandalized. The police were eventually able to recover it, but it was totaled. According to my friend the blue book values the car at a certain amount, but the insurance company is not willing to pay him anything near the blue book value of the car. The more time passes the more the value decreases. My friend would like to recover the fair value of his vehicle, and would like to know what his recovery rights are. I am sure you are incredibly busy, but my friend also wanted me to refer him to someone I trusted and was an expert in insurance law.

If time is an issue, do you perhaps have someone whom you might recommend?
My friend’s name is: [name and number withheld]


The reality is that most lawyers – including me – are not going to handle property damage or total loss diminished value cases. We do, however, offer on our Miller and Zois website tips for people handling property damage claims without a lawyer.