Emergency Room Doctor Making Up Outrageous Medical Malpractice Claims

I found a new blog called ER Stories – Shocking, Hilarious, Bizarre, and Sad Tales from the ER. It is an anonymously written blog by an emergency room doctor.

I have a bit of a problem assessing the credibility of someone who refuses to identify themselves. Does the American Medical Association take a position on this? I also notice the site has a lot of prominently placed Google ads. To borrow the old Seinfeld line, “Not that there is anything wrong with it.” But it is worth noting.

Anyway, one of his leitmotifs is frivolous medical malpractice cases, as evidenced by his post called “What a Wonderful Legal System We Have.” He tells an incredible story of a patient who came in with a fractured ankle but ran out of the hospital to flee the police. After getting arrested a few days later, he gets treatment and then brought a medical malpractice claim against the hospital, which the hospital settled for $10,000.

Doc… I’m not quite sure how to… say this. Wait, I got it. You are a liar. This story you are telling? This never happened, at least not with these material facts. I guarantee it. This is right up there with the guy who put his Winnebago on cruise control and went back and made himself a sandwich and then sued for millions.

Doc, instead of making $1 a click on Google Ad words I have a way for you to make more money faster. Prove this happened and I’ll send you a check for $1,000.