Articles Posted in Good Legal Blogs

  • Baltimore City Solicitor George Nilson has negotiated a land deal for the first slots parlor in the city. Sun columnist Jay Hancock blames the BDC for apparently making a mistake that necessitated the deal in the first place.
  • Horse-neglecting lawyer Hilton Silver doesn’t have to pay rescue costs for two horses he used to own since he was never convicted of animal cruelty against them, only against a third horse that had to be euthanized. Still, there’s this quote from prosecutor Adam Lippe: “Bad things happen to mean people.”
  • The Daily Record’s weekly round-up links to our own John Bratt writing about how he wiped the floor with a defense expert at deposition.

The Washington Post has an article on noted Supreme Court blogger Tom Goldstein, the founder of SCOTUS. The article says that “One measure of Goldstein’s commitment to SCOTUSblog, which accepts no advertising: He keeps it afloat with up to $100,000 a year from his own pocket.”

I enjoy blogging but if I had to pay $100,000 out of my pocket to do it, these chats would come to an abrupt end.