Can You Get a Real Job Going to an Average Law School?

The American Lawyer has an article on whether a “cheap” law school can help you land a big firm job.

I really don’t think it matters where you go to law school. It is absolutely true better law schools statistically produce better lawyers. People at lower-ranked law schools argue this point all the time, but it is silly to suggest that Timbuktu Law School graduates are as successful as those from Harvard. But if you take those same Harvard law students and put them at Timbuktu, eventually the difference in success with Harvard law students would be negligible. It will be, however, harder for those same students to get a job at the beginning of their careers.

One thing I’m sure of is that law school students are stressed these days about their job prospects. They are awful. The good news is that in the long run of history, everything will work out. I remember classmates of mine that were waiting on tables after they passed the bar because they could not find a job. Some of those same lawyers are among the most successful lawyers in my class. If you are a lawyer that can’t find a job, you have to get some solace from this.