Anne Arundel County Judge Thomas V. Miller III

The Baltimore Examiner has an interesting commentary on the appointment of newly appointed Anne Arundel County District Court Judge Thomas V. Miller III, who is the son of Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. The author’s question is essentially asking is whether “blatant nepotism” is a good thing. Isn’t it great to set up a straw man like that? How do you lose the argument when it is framed that way?

“I think he probably will be a good judge, but the appearances just don’t look right,” Harris said. Dr. Harris expressed his strong view by not voting. Brave. Reportedly, he was originally planning to express his opposition by shooting Mike Miller a sideways glare but chickened out.

Okay, I’m obviously making that up, but you get the point. The author is a Republican trying to make a point. The Republican hero of the article was Andy Harris, who did not even vote on Judge Miller’s confirmation. If Judge Miller’s qualifications were legitimately at issue, what would that say about the Republicans in the state senate who unanimously approved him?

I’m fine with attacking any appointed judge’s credentials. But this article attacks Judge Miller’s credentials without actually attacking his credentials, simply pointing to the fact that he is young. His age? I don’t know. The article does not bother to even mention it.

Everyone agrees we need qualified judges, and governors should not appoint judges based on pure politics. But potential judges should also not be disqualified from judicial appointments because they have politically influential fathers.