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Chantix Class Action Lawyers

When Chantix was introduced into the marketplace to cure nicotine addiction, it was viewed as the panacea that would finally cure our country’s incredibly unproductive addiction to nicotine. The problem is that anytime you have a drug that can make a great impact on a lot of people, there is an awful lot of money to be made. As a result, products get rushed onto the market. Did this happen with Chantix? The early returns appear to say yes.

The Food and Drug Administration hs received information about numerous serious problems with Chantix, including suicidal thoughts and ideation, homicidal ideations, and hallucinations. The FDA received reports of 37 suicides and 491 cases in which people had suicidal thoughts. If history is any guide, the actual incidences are often more than 10 times what the FDA reports. In other words, these numbers are probably just the tip of the iceberg. Still, there is no indication from Pfizer that there will be a recall of Chantix.

Pfizer released the drug without any warning regarding these potential side effects. By January of 2008, the reports of psychological side effects, most notably suicidal actions and ideations, reached a critical mass and Pfizer added a warning to the label of Chantix about the potential risks of suicidal behavior and depression. This warning followed a November 2007 update to Chantix's "post-marketing experience" section which stated that there had been reports of depression, agitation, and suicidal behavior and ideation in patients on Chantix. The FDA now says it is "increasingly likely" that there is an association between Chantix and suicidal thoughts, actual suicide, depression and other psychiatric symptoms.

No one knows exactly how Chantix works. But doctors do have a theory that certainly makes sense. People get addicted to nicotine because the brain craves it. Chantix does a pretty fascinating thing: it targets receptors in the brain that respond to nicotine. By targeting the brain receptors that respond to nicotine and release dopamine, Chantix prevents nicotine from reaching those brain receptors.

Accordingly, Chantix works in two ways. It blocks nicotine from stimulating these brain receptors, so cigarettes do not give users the dopamine release they crave, and it stimulates the release of lower levels of dopamine to help decrease the craving for nicotine which is what drives people who are trying to quit smoking back to cigarettes. And by all accounts, Chantix works for a large number of people who have tried it. In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 44% of people taking Chantix were able to quit smoking in comparison to 17.7% percent of those taking placebos. No one can argue that Chantix is not an effective drug. But is it safe?

I’m a lawyer, not a pharmacologist. But it does not take a pharmacologist to realize that when you play with the chemicals in the brain that alter mood, like serotonin or dopamine, you are playing with fire. Because no one understands how all of these chemicals work together, altering the brain’s chemical processes should be done with a lot of care and you have to advise patients of the risks associated with doing so. Moreover, everyone's brain chemistry is different and not every drug is going to suit every person. This is true with any drug, Chantix is no different. But when the side effects are as serious as these appear to be, particularly the suicide, it raises the question of whether Chantix should be on the market at all.

Our Chantix lawyers are investigating a class action lawsuit on behalf of victims and their families who suffered a serious injury or death by suicide from the use of Chantix throughout the United States. If you or a loved one have experienced a severe side effect from Chantix, call one of our Chantix lawyers at 1-800-553-6000 or click here for a free Internet consultation.


Two months ago I took Chantix to stop smoking. It did the job but while I was taking it I had vivid dreams, nausia, itching all over my body, depression, and most of all I have not emotions. This pill was the worst thing I could have taken to stop smoking. I still feel as if my inner feelings are gone and some days I feel as if I am in a cloud and cannot think clearly. I wrote to Phizer and sent the pills back to them but I have not hear a word. Hopefully this feeling will pass and I can be myself again.

I began taking Chantix in June 2007. In August 2007 I began to experience severe thirst, extreme & rapid weight loss, migraine headaches, repeated yeast infections & extreme, unrelentless exhaustion. By October 2007 I began to suffer from loss of vision, after having an eye exam in June 2007, which included a new prescription. I returned to my eye doctor who informed me that my vision was 4 times worse than 4 months earlier. He strongly urged me to see my physician. I saw my OB/GYN on November 27th & after a urine test, he called my primary care immediately & sent me to his office. My primary care physician informed me that I was diabetic. His exacted words: "I'm completely shocked & there was never any indication that this was coming". There is no family history of diabetes. I have the "privilege" of being the first. I don't fit the typical profile of a candidate for diabetes. I'm 45, 5'5", 150 lbs., eat healthy & I'm physically active. I've been seeing the same physician & the same OB/GYN for 12 years, and both doctors have told me there was never anything in all my visits to them that said I was even close to being a borderline diabetic. In the research I've done on Chantix, I have since learned that diabetes is an "infrequent" side effect. As far as I'm concerned, this drug is nothing short of poison. I have & will continue to tell anyone & everyone what a horrible, horrible drug this is & to avoid it as if your life depended on it ……. Because it does! I am completely certain that Chantix is the cause of my diabetes. Hopefully I will see a day, within the next year due to the statute of limitations, when I can participate in a class action lawsuit against Pfizer.

I took Chantix two years ago. I did successfully quit smoking. After stoping Chantix, I began to have anxiety and depression. My doctor referred me to a family counselor that I have been seeing for more than a year now. She concluded that I had Bi-Polar 2 and recommeded a psychiatrist. I have been seeing him for about a year now. He has me taking Lamictal to minimize my depression which affects all aspects of my life. Before taking Chantix, I had no signs of depression and had a very happy and full life. Chantix does help you to quit smoking but the lasting side effects are very severe.

i started taking it in november it did not work right away then it started to work i got down to 3 packs a week.i was smoking 14 packs a week i thought that was great;but dr didnt so i got and other script and started the starter pack, took the first pill i went to work and started itching again but this was a hundred times worse.i went to the emergecy room and got a cortisone shot. now i have been on cortisone for weeks
i have a ugly rash all over my body and was itchy
on my back and my chest and on all kinds of meds for this,
and i still smoke and im fat i gained 20lbs and i have big goughes on my back from itching

I started taking Chantix on May 2,2008. I sailed through the entire process and was able to quit with ease and no side effects. 90 days later I stopped the chantix and that's when my problems began.The withdraw from Chantix has been terrible. While on the medication I did not gain any weight after stopping chantix I have gained 10 lbs..I recently had a blood test and I have been told I am now pre diabetic. I cant't believe this.. I am 70 years old and never had a problem like this before..I still am not smoking ,and probably never will again... I am however going through withdraw from chantix and my Doctor is now concerned about diabetes.

i called my doctors office back in september, or august of '07 and told my nurse i was ready to quit smoking. my doctor called me in a script for chantix after the week or two i was getting very aggressive and moody. meanwhile the only effect it had on my smoking was making me smoke more it seemed i was trying to get the satifaction and i could'nt. my wife started telling me "she hated that medicine she couldnt stand the way i acted on it. so i put it down after the first month. after a few months i decided to continue taking chantix and after a few weeks i started getting thirsty all the time. the thirst became extreme in a day or two and i was feeling like i had a bad case of the flu. i lost 20 lbs. in a week and could no longer think clearly or talk for that matter so then i knew this was no flu and get to the doctor. my bllod sugar was up to 600. the doctor was confused about my condition. they took a needle and injected insulin into my stomach....i was now diabetic. meanwhile i stopped taking chantix for a while while i learned how to control my sugar. iwas now falling into depression. i am also a cancer patient so i was use to getting depressed now and then but this time it was different. i was depressed all the time, i let a few months go by and began taking chantix again it still had the same effect on my smoking as before. my smoking slowly increased to 2 packs a day and the depression was getting worse with anxiety. i went to my doctor told him how i was feeling and he said he wanted me to try lexapro. so now i was taking lexapro and chantix and soon became a mental mess. trying to get through a days work became harder and harder to do and the anxiety and depression was getting worse. i started to think and look for things that would make me feel happy, like a new car. after a few weeks i traded it in for a different car. i almost forgot i bought a motorcycle and took it back the next day several months ago. all of this has taken a toll on my life, my marriage is barely holding on as well. nothing makes me feel good or happy anymore. i started thinking about suicide all the time friends at work would even catch me thinking out loud sometimes. so now i return to the doctor and increased the lexapro and put me on ativan for anxiety,and told me to stop taking the chantix. he has never talked about any side effects and i trust him. now i just dont know what to think or feel. now i do feel this chantix was the cause for all of this. will my mind return to normal? will my diabeties go away? i am now waiting on some papers from an lawyer to see if i fit into his class action suit against the makers of chantix. i have contacted several just because i do not trust them since i dont know them. i am also thinking i should get a lawyer just for me to make sure i do not get screwed again.

I took chantix to quit smoking and the next thing I knew I'm writing my last will and testiment. I'm on the road alot and before I could explain it I wanted to drive in front on on coming semi's and looking at bridges that I could drive off of. Like I said at the begining of this I was on the computer one night typing out my last will and testiment. My family very rarely goes to the doctor, but wanted to quit smoking to be around for my husband and kids, but instead I feel like killing myself. Finally my husband said could it be chantix that is causing me to feel like this? DUHHHH quit taking it and no longer did I feel like I was worth nothing. This durg should be takin off the market before someone else follows through what I almost did.

my husband is on his 3rd week of chantix. i cant believe the change in personality and behavior. he's dreaming ridiculous dreams about me being unfaithful and i'm afraid he will harm me or himself. he's moody and anything sets him off. how can i make this marriage work if he doesnt quit this crazy pill? before the pill he was funny and fun to be around with.

I started taking Chantix in August of 2008 and ended in November 2008. I am bipolar
and am already on medication to help control it. I didn't experience any additional psychiatric problems. However, I am constantly craving sugar and am craving it like it is going out of style. I don't know what to do. I have lost about 81 pounds and need to lose a lot more and I am afraid that I will regain all the weight. I am not diabetic but am afraid that I might become diabetic as a result of this.

I am 43, I began taking chantix the end of April 2007 or beginning of May 2007. Due to spinal surgery from an auto accident I wanted to quit smoking. I did quit smoking with very few and mild cravings. By July 2007 I began feeling extremely fatigued, and all over body aches and pain, debilitating pain most of the time. My surgeon took x-rays and said it was not related to the surgery, he refered me to my Primary care Doctor who thought it may be lupus and ran test,test came back negative for lupus,he then refered me to a pain management Doctor, who mentioned diabetes but ruled it out be cause I have no family history of diabetes, he diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and sciatica. In August of 2008 I was slightly better able to manage the pain. so my Doctor ran more blood work, he noticed my glucose level was elevated, he tested me again in Sept and Oct 2008. Oct 21 2008 I was officially diagnosed with diabetes. My rate had reached 485. However, because I was diagnosed more than a year after taking Chantix the Attorneys will nat take my case. I am sure I became diabetic because of chantix, and will have this disease for the rest of my life and will probably die from it. I am on oral medication at this time. And the medical expense is draining me.

i took the drug for 3 months and i did very well as far as smoking. one day i called both my children, told them how proud i was. i then drug every thing i owned to the yard and put a free sign on it and then took approx 180 pills

I took Chantix for 2 months starting in January of 2008. At first everything seemed to be going great, then about 8 or 10 days into my first month I began to have very violent nightmares. I kept dreaming my husband and I were fist-fighting or that I was killing people. Then sometime in my 3rd or 4th week the helplessness feeling started. I remember my youngest son, who was 6 at the time, was being his usual self. He was playing with things that he had been asked not to play with and it was getting very upsetting. I was talking to my mom and I remember telling her that I hated him and I wished I wasn't a mother any longer. I know that is not how I really felt and now realize that it may have been from the horrible Chantix I was taking. Needless to say, I did not stop smoking and I am very happy I stopped taking the nasty pills before they drove me to do something I know I would regret.

My husband took Chantex last March (2008) to try to quit smoking for lent. I noticed right away anxity, and depression. The depression gradually got worse until the ended up in the emergcy room for severe psychoses in November (2008). In December he went into a mental hospital for a week.
He has now been seeing a psychrist since November (its on been over 5 months) and is on several anti-depressants, mood stablizers, sleeping pills and nothing is working. I"m beginning to think that the damage is done and nothing will help. He sufferes from severe depression, anxity, can't sleep, but the worst is since Nov. he has had no train of thought,and no emotional feelings. I am scared to death that suicide might be in the future.

I took Chantix for 30 days beginning Feb 4, 08. During the 30 days I began having severe anxiety, suicidal thoughts, violent outbursts, horrible insomnia, restless leg...the list could go on and on. Once off Chantix, all those symptoms and more became increasingly severe. Punching walls till my knuckles bled, giving treasured items away, inability to focus on small tasks or thoughts, pacing, picking at my skin, slapping myself in the face, etc., were common occurrences. Always being active and fit most of my life, I started putting on weight. I joined a gym and worked out. I continued to gain weight and even worse in a lot of ways was that no matter how long or how often I went to the gym I could not get all my energy out. I felt like I had literally lost my mind. I’m not sure how my family survived those long months of my insane behavior but there are a lot of lingering side effect that I’m not sure I’ll ever be right from again. I think it is a miracle that I did not kill myself. The only way I could describe what was happening to me was that something in my head had broken and I couldn’t figure out what it was or how to make it right. Unfortunately, the depression, feelings of being lost inside my broken head, and anxiety have been hard to shake. I went from 130 to 200 lbs and though I still continue to exercise like a mad woman, I continue to gain weight…which makes me realize that the side effects were not just brain/emotional but also physical/metabolical/hormonal. Every day gets a little better and I’m still a non-smoker but I believe it was the #1 worst decision I’ve ever made in my life. Luckily, the good traits have come back: kindness, gentleness, patience, and rational thought (most of the time). Shame on Pfizer, the FDA, and my doctor.

After smoking for 37 years, I knew I had to quit smoking. My doctor put me on Chantix. I remember calling my husband at work one day saying if you don't come home now, it may be to late. I can't explain why I felt that way but I thought of taking my own life. From there life got worse. I gained weight, felt awful and had no energy. I did quit smoking but at my worst could not even walk up the stairs to go to bed. After being told by my doctor that it was menopause for months, I finally insisted on having a CT scan done since I felt near death and knew something was seriously wrong. My doctor's comment, "It couldn't hurt". After the scan I got a call right away saying I had a very rare turmor called a Pheochromotoma. Is there a connection? I don't know. From there my thyroid quit working and I was told I was borderline diabetic. It all seems to have gone downhill rapidly after taking Chantix. I can say that I am proud to be a non-smoker. I workout everyday and feel much better but went through so much to get where I am today.

I would not recommend this drug to anyone and do feel it should be taken off the market.

i took this drug for 30 days then quit taking it because i could not walk one day,also i sell cars for a living been doing so for 26 yrs and now because of this pill i cant sell cars no more.i am mean spirited and no one likes a moody person i would like to sew this company because i cant make a living anymore selling cars because of my attitude and demeanor. ps i am still smoke free after 100 days but the depression and side effects arent worth it

My husband and I began taking chantix in april 08 my husband who has never suffered depression is now on meds to treat depression, we have suffered from emoitional issue with anger, and because of the emotional rollar coaster it has cause we have lost friends and family and our marriage is headed down the drain real quick they say we did not harm ourselves or some ones else and we are not burderen with med bills so we are not eligable for any claims. I think we deserve our old lives back we saved our lungs and lost our lives.

I took Chantix twice. The first time I noticed that I was gaining weight before I quit smoking so I quit the drug. A few months later I decided to try it again. My severe suicidal ideation began while on the drug but worsened when I quit. I imagined killing myself in all kinds of horrible, violent ways and was very depressed. I had never been depressed or suicidal before in my entire life. At times I was even homicidal or would exhibit irrational anger and violent mood swings. I was short-tempered and cruel with my sweet children and alienated friends and family. Prior to taking Chantix I had never exhibited any kind of mental illness.
Later I noticed marked changes in my body and was ultimately diagnosed with PCOS, a pre-diabetic condition. It is extremely rare for a woman of 39 to be diagnosed with PCOS with no prior symptoms. PCOS is an irreversible syndrome with a myriad of uncomfortable, painful, embarrassing and even life-threatening symptoms. My life is permanently damaged from taking Chantix.
None of this was on warning labels when my doctor prescribed Chantix to me. Pfizer still refuses to acknowledge that this drug causes diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions.
Pfizer greedily risked and cost countless human lives in their pursuit of profit. Someone must make them pay so that pharmaceutical companies and the FDA will act with greater caution in the future.

I have been taking Chantix for only 2 weeks and have developed what started off as pimple like bumps in the crack of my anus which turned into blisters and itch like crazy. Has anyone out there experienced this symptom?

I took Chantix a couple of years ago, I had unbeleibale side affects that I reported those to the FDA and to the drug company. I reported this to the physician that I was seeing, I amnot sure what he thought, I am lamost afriad to look at my medical records. I had never had any problems with that type of illness my whole life and I am now 54. That doctor didn't want to get involved and it was the time when a lot of people was taking it and doctors thought it was the mircle drug. I have evidence that I had side effects and would like to be part of a class action law suit if there is ever one. The only cases being seen right now are the ones where people died as of result of the drug.

I took Chantix for 10 weeks between October and December 2010. I quit smoking during that time. I ended the treatment two weeks early because I was tired of waking up at 03:00 EVERY morning. Over three months have passed since I last took Chantix and the side effects continue. I still wake every morning between 02:30 and 03:00 and usually cannot return to sleep for a few hours if at all. The vivid dreams have continued as well. I can only get a full eight hours sleep by taking a sleep aid. None of these problems existed before taking Chantix. Why is there not a broader class action suit against Pfizer? I haven't tried to kill myself but I can no longer get a good night's sleep. This is a loos of quality of life issue that should be addressed.

I believe I had minor stomach problems from time to time in my past, but hard to remember them. I was in great health before this drug. I took Chantix to quit smoking in July 2008 for three months and quit smoking after 25 years. By October 2008 my stomach was so miserable, I decided to never eat again!! I had bloating, diarrhea, cramping. I immediately stopped the Chantix when I realized that was the only thing new to my system. It is now April 2010 and I have the same symptoms above every day, but now I have uncontrollable nausea for weeks at a time. They have me on anti-nausea medicine they give cancer patients!!! I have been to several doctors and have had several tests and they have no idea what is wrong with me. They think I may now have IBS. It is hard to work, to eat, to play, to LIVE dealing with this every day. ALL DAY!
I may not be suicidal, but there is something to be said about quality of life!
Even though this may not happen to you, trust me, it is not worth taking a chance. Find another way!
And on top of that, I started smoking again!!!!
How can Pfizer keep selling this horrible drug?

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