Yes, That Sounds About Right

I like this summary of the Maryland Court of Appeals opinion in Attorney Grievance Commission v. Camus:

    Disbarment is the appropriate sanction when an attorney is unprepared and repeatedly late
    for court appearances, fails to enter her appearance in a case after being directed to do so by
    the court, sends an unreasonable bill to a client in apparent retaliation for the filing of a
    complaint with the Attorney Grievance Commission, takes funds from a trust account
    purportedly for fees without notice to, or assent by, the client, and fails to respond to
    reasonable requests for files relating to clients after termination of representation.
    MLRPC 1.1, 1.2(a), 1.3, 1.4, 1.5(a),(d), 1.15(a),(d), 1.16(d), 3.4(c), 8.1(b), 8.4(b),(c),(d).

Ah, yeah, disbarment sounds about right.