Wright and Zarnoch Appointed to Court of Special Appeals

Governor O’Malley announced today that Judge Alexander Wright Jr. and Robert A. Zarnoch have been named to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals.

Judge Wright is a former district and circuit court judge who is an attorney with Miles & Stockbridge in Towson, focusing on mediation and alternative dispute resolution. Judge Wright has a broad background as a former assistant attorney general and as a public defender. Soon to be Judge Zarnoch has been the Attorney General’s Chief Counsel for Legislation and Counsel to the Maryland General Assembly since 1979. As chief counsel, Mr. Zarnoch has drafted legislation and authored scores of the Attorney General’s opinions. I’m sure he is also no stranger to the other side of the bench of the Court of Special Appeals in his role as chief counsel. He is also an occasional contributor to the Maryland Daily Record.

Both judges have exceptionally broad levels of experience which should serve them well on the Court of Special Appeals. Of the two, I think Mr. Zarnoch’s selection is more of an upset just because there were so many well thought of judges who also applied, and as I have written before, I thought the hill would be hard to climb for the non-judicial applicants, even though there were several people with impressive credentials who were not judges. Well, apparently Mr. Zarnoch made the climb. Congratulations to both men who I’m sure will make excellent Maryland Court of Special Appeals judges.