University of Baltimore Law School in Prince George’s County

The Maryland Daily Record has an article today that has an appropriate title: “What Prince George’s needs is…UB Law?” Apparently, the Maryland General Assembly has instructed the University System of Maryland to look into the possibility of putting a University of Baltimore branch in the D.C. suburbs.

I’m certainly not in love with the idea. Would first-year classes be in Prince George’s County? Are professors going to be traveling to the Prince George’s County campus? I’m on the adjunct faculty at the University of Baltimore and I would do anything to help. I would probably be willing to make that drive if I were asked. But I can’t imagine that the majority of professors – who are largely Baltimore-based – would make the drive. I think this is one of those things that sounds good until you consider the logistics. Moreover, the decision to look at these issues should come from the school responding to the market demands, not the Maryland General Assembly telling the University of Maryland to look at the issue.

I think many Prince George’s County lawyers went to the University of Baltimore. The lure of in-state tuition gives the University of Maryland Law School (which is also in Baltimore) and the University of Baltimore a strong edge in competing for potential PG County lawyers.