Ticketmaster Class Action in Maryland Gains Steam

You can’t scalp tickets in Baltimore City. It is a goofy law in 2013 with StubHub and Ticketmaster. But it is the law.

So a guy, the lead plaintiff, pays $12 in Ticketmaster service fees when buying a Jackson Browne ticket at the Lyric and literally makes a federal case out of it. The federal court certifies some questions to the Maryland high court, most notably whether a Baltimore City ordinance banning the sale of tickets above face value applied in the case. Again, while the law is arguably dumb and old, the court said the law does apply.

I’m just not a big fan of these lawsuits, honestly. I’m a plaintiffs’ lawyer so that should mean that I’ve never seen a lawsuit I don’t like… but I don’t like them.

You can find the court’s opinion here.