Strickler, Sachitano & Hatfield

Another Maryland Daily Record report: Strickler, Sachitano & Hatfield P.A, a Bethesda, Maryland family law firm with 10 lawyers, has disbanded, with one group of lawyers heading to Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker P.A. and another starting its own firm.

Shulman Rogers, a 94-lawyer Rockville firm, approached Strickler, Sachitano & Hatfield as a firm last December about a merger, making offers to all the attorneys at Strickler, Sachitano & Hatfield. But, according to the article, it did not work out and the firm slowly fell apart.

The economy? Who knows? Everyone suspects the economy in this legal climate. But law firms have been merging and breaking up for hundreds of years, in good economies and in bad economies.