Silly Lawsuit #6839

An Illinois man has filed a lawsuit on behalf of his son claiming that Southwest Airlines failed to protect his teenage son from an older female passenger who made sexual advances and offered him illegal drugs during a flight to Orlando in 2008. Apparently, the boy was so frightened by the experience that he refused to return home by himself.

I was 14 once. (True story.) I don’t remember a single 14-year-old who would be so freaked out by such an encounter that he would be emotionally harmed. Some 14-year-olds would be thrilled out of their minds; others would be a little disgusted. But I don’t remember any who would be traumatized by the whole thing.

But let’s just say he was. Then why on earth would the father exacerbate the son’s trauma by filing a lawsuit?

How do the lawyers who file these cases feed their families? If Southwest has any guts at all, the settlement offer in this case will remain at zero.