Roger Clemens to be Indicted

A grand jury has indicted will indict Roger Clemens on charges of making false statements to Congress about his use of performance-enhancing drugs, according to the New York Times reported, citing two sources briefed on the case. ESPN has a copy of the indictment. I think you will be able to figure out who “Strength Coach #1” is.

This may cause the congressman who had their picture taken with him before Clemens testified to some chagrin.

I had a hard time believing that Clemens would be so bold as to lie after he said he wanted to testify after Congress was apparently willing to let him off the mat and not require him to testify. Obviously, federal prosecutors think he is just that bold. I do not think it is huge news that the grand jury indicted Clemens because it is not hard for a federal prosecutor to get an indictment. But it clearly shows the prosecutors believe they can get a conviction.

I’m all for prosecuting those who lie to Congress, although I think it was inane that Roger Clemens was testifying before Congress in the first place.

Now the best pitcher and the best hitter of in the last 20 years are both under indictment.

Brian McNamee has a defamation lawsuit pending in New York. What is the value of that claim now? The vast, vast majority of defamation claims have two fatal flaws: (1) the defendant has no money, and (2) the defamation is not that widespread to cause significant harm. In this case, the world only knows who Brian McNamee is because of the alleged defamation. Neither of these circumstances is present here.