Restricting Off the Ballot Lawsuit Fails

A deeply divided Maryland high court agreed to allow us to vote on congressional redistricting plans.

The plaintiffs are some of the powers to be among Maryland Democrats: Dennis Whitley III (who gets his name on the case), Matthew Thomas, Anne Neal, and Karren Jo Pope-Onwukwe.

Basically, the referendum’s opponents wanted the court to throw out some of the petitions that had been signed to bring this issue to the voters. But I would be lying if I said I fully understood it.

The court also agreed – unanimously on this one – that on-line petitions are okay. So at least we are in 2012 on that one.

I have no real opinion on redistricting except to say it is one of those issues that probably should be voted on by the people. I also think that, generally, Democrats should be in favor of giving the people a chance to be heard. I’m sure these plaintiffs would agree.. unless it is something they want off the ballot in which case the people should put a sock in it.

You can find the opinion here.