Products’ Liability Lawyers Handling Cases Involving a Chapin Sprayer

The Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog has a post today about the value of personal injury cases involving the loss of vision in one eye. We have a vision loss in one eye case now pending against Home Depot and Chapin International, a New York company that makes the Chapin Sprayer. We contend that our client lost vision in his eye as the result of a design defect in the Chapin Sprayer 2002. I’m writing this blog post because I would like to get into contact with any other Plaintiffs’ products liability lawyers who may have a similar design defect case against Chapin so that we can share information.

We think this model Chapin Sprayer 2002 is defective for several reasons. First, it is designed and manufactured with a nipple coming off the tank facing upward in a direction that would likely cause an eye injury. Other Chapin models such as the Spray and Go have the nipple designed to come off the side of the tank in a direction not pointed towards the user’s eye. Second, this model did not have a pressure relief valve, which is the safety feature in nearly every other Chapin model. Third, this model was packaged in such a way that the hose was not connected to the tank when it was delivered to the customer. Most of the Chapin sprayers and other sprayers have the hose attached to the tank by a metal crimp or by the factory so that the attachment is more secure than relying on the customer to make this attachment. Fourth, the nut to attach the hose to the tank was not provided to the purchaser. Finally, there were no warnings to indicate that the end-user should not use this sprayer with dangerous chemicals, inadequately attached hoses, missing nuts, bib connection pointed toward the eye, and no pressure relief valve.

If you are a lawyer who has a design defect case involving the Chapin Sprayer in 2002, give me a call. We have a great deal of information on this product to share and, hopefully, you will have some information for us as well on this Chapin Sprayer.