Personal Injury Related Links

  • Decision in the Baycol cases regarding inadmissibility of anecdotal adverse event reports
  • Venable makes a contribution worthy of mention to the Baltimore Zoo.
  • The Daily Record has a story this afternoon about a 5-2 Maryland Court of Appeals decision disbarring a lawyer. You can’t help but feel a little bad when someone is disbarred when Judge John C. Eldridge and Chief Judge Robert M. Bell disagree with disbarment. But I don’t think disbarments should be required to be unanimous either so I don’t have a real solution.
  • The TortsProf blog has post regarding an article by Rebecca Korzec (University of Baltimore professor) suggesting a national standard in some product liability cases
  • Ben Sansone’s Missouri Injury Law Blog has a post on personal injury defendants ex parte contact with doctors in Missouri.
  • Another Missouri lawyer, Jeff Lowe writes about efforts in Missouri and Illinois to ban text messaging. Will a law make a difference? I don’t know. I just don’t think a few extra laws hurt if they might save someone’s life.