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Obama Supreme Court Nominees

Bloomberg has a good article pointing out that President Bush appointed young Supreme Court justices and the more liberal wing of the Supreme Court is coming up for retirement over the next four years. Justice Stevens is 88 years-old and still going strong but even if his health holds up is he going to want to continue for much longer? Justice Ginsburg is 75 years-old. These justices are arguably the two most liberal judges. Justice Souter, who has been a relatively moderate justice, is 69-years-old and reportedly wants to return home to New Hampshire at some point soon.

Accordingly, we should not expect a huge shift in the Supreme Court under President Obama but his picks may solidify the liberal wing of the Court, reducing the likelihood of a conservative shift down the road in the same way that Bush’s picks secured a reasonably conservative Supreme Court during an Obama administration. It is the circle of life.

Who might Obama pick?

1. Cass Sunstein
2. Eric Holder Jr.
3. Deval Patrick
4. Merrick Garland
5. Sonia Sotomayor
6. Kim McLane Wardlaw
7. Diane Wood
8. Elena Kagan
9. Hillary Clinton
10. Bill Clinton
11. Merrick Garland

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