Obama Blows Off Jury Duty?

Everyone should take jury duty seriously, and there should be no exceptions. Rudy Giuliani served on a jury in 1999 while he was mayor. John Kerry was the foreman in a personal injury trial after his loss to President Bush in 2005. Good for them.

A few weeks ago, President Obama received a summons from the Cook County in his home state of Illinois. President Obama notified the court he had more important things to do.

Well. The President is too important for jury duty? Does he think he is above the law? Incredibly, this is President Obama’s quote, “I have better things to do than serve on a jury. Do you have any idea who I am? I’m the President of the United States. Please.”

Of course, I made up that quote and I’m kidding. As important as a jury service is, some perspective is necessary. We have invested billions of dollars into President Obama. His de facto “hourly rate” would be in the millions. As important as jury service is, I’m glad the President took a pass. Let’s get our civics lesson elsewhere at letting the President do what we pay him to do: be the president.