Post Ravens Defeat: Blog/News Roundup for Maryland Lawyers

News from around the web that may be of interest/amusement to Maryland lawyers still depressed about the Ravens:

  • Tampa judge accused of inappropriate behavior with a stripper. Before you click on the link, I warn you: the accusations are financial, not sexual, improprieties. Judge, if you are going to engage in inappropriate conduct with a stripper, could you please make it a little more exciting for the home viewer? We don’t ask for much.
  • Obama will be the 4th constitutional law professor as president. Joe Biden also taught con law.
  • Above the Law is funny mocking the website biography of a plaintiff’s lawyer who is filing a sexual harassment case against New York Knicks center Eddy Curry.
  • This court order rules on Plaintiff’s Motion to Kiss My Butt (actually, the motion didn’t say butt). Sounds pretty interesting but then you learn it is prisoner pro se plaintiff. After you learn that, your interest deflates.
  • Newsflash! Billing by the hour is a bad idea. Film at 11.
  • Legal aid survives on the interest collected in money sitting in IOLTA accounts. When interest payouts are low, legal aid suffers. So this economy is leading to people being summarily tossed out of their homes and people filing for unemployment benefits and there is little help available. I hope the 64% of the American people are right about what Barack Obama will be able to do.