New Judges

Governor O’Malley announced Friday the appointment of the Honorable Michele D. Hotten to the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland. The Governor also announced the appointment of eight more judges:

  • Master Yolanda A. Tanner (Baltimore City Circuit Court) (Juvenile Court Master in Baltimore)
  • Marsha L. Russell (Baltimore County District Court) (prosecutor in the Baltimore County)
  • Leo Ryan, Jr. (Baltimore County District Court) (Deputy State’s Attorney for Baltimore County
  • Steven D. Wyman (Baltimore County District Court) (private practice, former prosecutor)
  • Shannon Avery (Baltimore City District Court) (Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services)
  • Judge Karen Friedman (Baltimore City District Court) (Orphans’ Court Judge in Baltimore City)
  • Ricardo D. Zwaig (Howard County District Court) (private practice)
  • Audrey A. Creighton (Montgomery County District Court (public defender)