New Executive Director of the NFL Players Association

Washington lawyer DeMaurice F. Smith, a partner at Patton and Boggs, was voted the executive director of the NFL Players Association last night.

I think it is interested they picked a lawyer who is not a former NFL player. I thought the big problem with Troy Vincent’s candidacy was that he was so young. But Smith is only 45.

Smith will need to be ready to roll from Day 1. This reminds of me President Obama, who was also elected to take over an absolute mess. The NFL owners voted last year to exercise a reopener clause in their labor agreement, which is likely to lead to a lockout unless cooler heads prevail. I think the NFL owners are ready for war this time which means the new executive director of the NFL Players Association, who has some big shoes to fill replacing Gene Upshaw, needs to buckle his chin strap and be ready to start (figuratively) hitting people.

You can read the Washington Post article here.