More Good PR For Lawyers

A Washington lawyer is accused of throwing a live power line at another motorist during a road-rage incident after Hurricane Irene. The attorney faces a variety of charges in Montgomery County, including first-degree assault and reckless endangerment.

It is a wild story: the guy allegedly tailgated/chased a car until they reached a downed power line, which had been blown into the road by Hurricane Irene. Pinning him down, he threw the power line at his car while kicking it and trying to break into the poor guy’s car.

It sounds like something transcendentally wacky happened here, but the story does not make a ton of sense. Wouldn’t you just pull away as opposed to lying in your car taking this abuse?

I tried to figure out what kind of lawyer this guy is and where he practiced. But there are so many stories online about this debacle that you can’t find anything else on him. Anyway, here is one post on this crazy case.