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Maryland Legal News Update

  • In Hill v. State, the court provides a transcript from the creepiest phone conversation ever while flipping the conviction of a sex offender. I don’t have an opinion on the holding but this is reason #839 why I’ve never handled a criminal case. Depressing. The only good thing that came out of this case was an explanation of the correct pronunciation of Judge Battaglia’s name (Ba-tal-ia).
  • Maryland Court of Appeals throws out murder conviction (Baltimore County FOP Lodge)
  • Mediation can bring justice with no need for a trial (The Washington Post). Might be an interesting article for parties in a case. I don’t think lawyers will find much insight here.
  • Former state champ attempts to wrestle in Florida as trials on assault charges loom (Baltimore Sun)
  • Maryland Court of Special Appeals looks at enforcing arbitration agreements in Thompson v. Witherspoon
  • Baltimore man sentenced to death for 2008 York City murder (York Dispatch)
  • Reluctant witness in dog burning case says he lied to the police (Baltimore Sun)
  • Man who never missed a mortgage payment but lost home gets a trial (Baltimore Sun)