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Maryland Legal News

  • The biggest event in the Maryland legal world is that the bar exam kicks off today. If you are taking it, good luck. If your ex-girlfriend is taking the exam, I hope she fails. But if you are reading this blog post about her taking the bar, you have a problem. Get over her already.
  • The Court of Appeals might make it a lot harder for debt-collection firms to win judgments against no-show defendants. I love the detail of the manufactured “wife,” “Shaniqua Jones,” who was allegedly served with notice of a collection action against Marquis Jones. Someone obviously assumed that Marquis Jones, because of her name, was a black male, and made up a spouse with what this person thought was a typical black woman’s name. Both sleazy and kind of racist. Nice.
  • Speaking of racism, a fair-housing group is suing a Baltimore apartment owner-manager for giving white prospective tenants preferential treatment.
  • Seven years after the murder of three children, two of their relatives will be tried a third time in the killings. HT: Baltimore Crime.
  • Speaking of trials conducted way after the alleged crime, the two prisoners accused of killing a guard at Jessup five years ago still haven’t been tried.
  • A 1999 rape in Greenbelt may have been committed by the alleged East Coast Rapist.
  • If you mess with your clients’ money, bad things will happen to you. Also, if you practice in Maryland and D.C. and get suspended from practice in Maryland but somehow forget to tell D.C.,  they will not be happy when they find out. This is why I’m not a huge fan of teaching legal ethics. You could give this guy 5 classes a year and he would still do just this. Hard to teach ethics. The key is to discipline the offenders.