Latest Maryland Legal News

  • SCOTUS will hear a case out of Maryland next term, concerning an FMLA claim by a former employee of the state’s court system.
  • The numbers confirm it: there are too many lawyers, not enough law jobs. Some people go to law school (and presumably even take the bar, though why someone would put himself through that for nothing is beyond me) never intending to practice law, but that can’t account for the serious imbalance reported here.
  • Phylicia Barnes’ family still doesn’t know what happened to cause her death. Terribly sad.
  • How the heck did this guy‘s line of thinking go? “Gee, I’m annoyed at Scott Shellenberger. I think I’ll exercise my right to political protest by rigging up a toilet to look like a bomb, then leaving it outside the old courthouse in Towson. Yeah, a toilet, that’s it. That’ll sure show him.” Geez.
  • Home builders’ group sues over EPA limits on development affecting the Chesapeake.
  • A prosecutor went overboard in using a defendant’s murderous rap lyrics against him, the Court of Appeals says. The guy gets a new trial.