Maryland Legal News August 2011

  • There’s been a conviction in the horrific Stephen Pitcairn stabbing murder. Reporters were camped out during my trial with a bank of microphones. After our verdict Wednesday, I stepped into the microphones and pretended to give a statement. Okay, you had to be there, but it was funny.
  • Starting your own practice: you’re doing it wrong.
  • Legalize medical marijuana, says The Sun.
  • Should legendary Ocean City nightspot Seacrets be held liable under dram-shop law for a boating accident caused by someone who got drunk at the club? The boater and the plaintiff were actually ferried to the boater’s vessel by Seacrets.
  • Law schools should set up law firms as training grounds for students, says a Maryland Law professor.
  • “Is it wrong for an older attorney to use ethics as a weapon against younger attorneys? If by that you mean to beat somebody with a bound Rules of Professional Responsibility, then yes.
    If you mean to increase awareness of the potential pitfalls for a newly barred attorney going solo, then no.”