Maryland Legal News

  • Walter Olson at Overlawyered in getting into putting together Maryland most legal-related links
  • The Anne Arundel County chief of police will retire August 1, it was announced just as the state prosecutor was wrapping up his investigation of the police chief for his role in County Executive John Leopold’s alleged abuse of power scandal. The indictment against Leopold alleges that he used his police protection to do┬áresearch on his adversaries and to drive him to sexual liaisons around town.
  • A referendum approaches on same-sex marriage in Maryland.
  • A Maryland lawyer and “balloon entertainer” who was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for trying to entice a minor for sex has consented to disbarment.
  • Conservative bloggers claim victory in a Maryland case where a somewhat notorious liberal ex-con sued to stop a blogger from writing about him. A judge vacated an injunction (issued by what Salon calls “a confused old judge who didn’t understand the Internet”) preventing lawyer/blogger Aaron Walker from writing about Brett Kimberlin.
  • Red-light cameras do not seem to prevent accidents and may actually lead to more serious ones, according to Westminster officials, who will remove two of the town’s three cameras. I think, by the way, this is complete nonsense.
  • “The city of Baltimore is at the forefront of a federal court battle alleging banks artificially depressed a benchmark rate for borrowing, leading to large losses for cities that entered into interest rate swaps.”