Maryland Legal News on Cyber Monday

  • Under Armour sues Energy Armor, a company selling “negative ion bracelets” and other apparel, alleging copyright infringement. Really, negative ion bracelets? Who buys this stuff?
  • The 4th Circuit, long considered the most conservative circuit in the country, has definitely shifted to the left. This can’t be bad for those of us representing the injured.
  • A blind man says that after he and his guide dog were hit by a car, Baltimore paramedics wanted to leave the dog behind on the pavement and wouldn’t take the animal in the ambulance transporting the man to the hospital.
  • Oops. While Frank Conaway Sr. allegedly “brandished” a gun at blogger Adam Meister yesterday (say police, but not Conaway or Meister), his concealed-carry permit expired months ago.
  • Judge Roger Titus lets the racial gerrymandering case go forward. The group of black plaintiffs alleged Gov. O’Malley and the legislature redistricted along racial lines to give Democrats an advantage.