Maryland Legal News

  • In case you missed the news before the New Year, two non-Maryland doctors have been charged with murder here under Maryland’s fetal homicide law. The two abortion doctors, one from New Jersey and the other from Utah, were charged in connection with a late-term abortion in Elkton that went awry. It looks like this is the first time the fetal homicide law has been used against a medical professional performing surgery; previously, it has been used in cases where a pregnant woman was attacked, causing the fetus to die.
  • The Court of Appeals will hear Nancy Forster’s argument that a Baltimore judge should not have dismissed the former public defender’s wrongful termination claim.
  • Curious which Maryland law stories were the most-read in 2011? Also, Baltimore Crime has a list of its top 10 local legal stories of the year.
  • The General Assembly session is about to start. Get ready for a knock-down, drag-out fight over legalizing gay marriage.
  • Frank Kratovil Jr. is gainfully employed again.
  • Will a murder trial that opens tomorrow be a test of Maryland’s new death penalty standards?