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Maryland Lawyer Links from the Blogosphere

    • Overlawyered has a post on letting jurors ask questions. I would love a system where the jurors asked questions of the lawyers
    • Maryland lawyer Brett Weiss of Joseph, Greenwald & Laake, testified before the U.S. Congress House and Judiciary Committee on bankruptcy and credit issues




    • The ACLU may file a lawsuit against Prince George‚Äôs County to stop the school board from starting meetings with a prayer. At some point, do we need to fight the battle over something so harmless? If you are an atheist, are you really offended?


    • Trial court in Montgomery County rules that Maryland medical malpractice cap does not apply in cases where arbitration was waived.


    • The Wall Street Journal Law Blog offers some real insight into what big firm associates should be doing: keep your head down and work. This piece of brilliance is sponsored by big firm law partners everywhere.


    • The TortsProf Blog has its own roundup of links. The have not linked to me in a while which is beginning to hurt my feelings.