Maryland Law Links

  • Maryland chills out on medical marijuana. Maryland is one of thirteen states that allow the medical use of marijuana. I’m sure people abuse medical marijuana. I saw it first hand during Season 1 of Showtime’s critically acclaimed Weeds. So it must be true. But if 5 people abuse it for every one person with a genuine medical issue whose pain is alleviated, is it worth it? I would argue yes, but then again, I made up the 1 in 5 statistic.
  • Life after the law? No, really. The Maryland Daily Record swears it is so.
  • No one seems to like a law that stops people from shipping wine in Maryland. Well, except alcohol distributors and retailers who are not so happy with the idea. I’m amazed it is legal in 37 states.
  • Maryland’s highest court heard oral arguments Thursday in a case that could decide how far criminal responsibility for a fatal car crash extends. In fatal accident cases, the question of whether there is criminal responsiblity is often of passing interest to the accident lawyer but is foremost in the mind of the victim’s family.
  • Maryland Daily Record law blog roundup.
  • The University of Baltimore has a fight song?