Maryland July 2008 Bar Exam

The Maryland Daily Record reports today that the Maryland July 2008 bar examination pass rate rose 10% from last year to 82% percent this year. Students from the University of Baltimore School of Law taking the exam for the first time saw their pass rate skyrocket from 77% last year to 87% in July.

There were a lot of talks linking the rise of the University of Baltimore Law School to new Dean Phillip T. Closius’ gaming of the U.S. News and World Report rankings. Well, folks, you can’t game a 10% rise in the bar passing rate. UB’s law school is on the rise. I have taught at UB for the last 11 years and the best class I have ever had academically was this year.

All good stuff. Congratulations to everyone who passed the exam. (If you failed, remember you can take it as many times as you like!) If you are getting ready to take the exam and are Googling the Maryland bar passage rate is, remember that 82% is pretty high. Many people who are a lot dumber and did not work as hard as you will pass.

(Late note, a reader tells me the “you can take the Maryland bar as many times as you want” speech to reassure you is not true. But you can take it again in February.)

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