Maryland Delegate/Lawyer Indicted for Theft

The Washington Post reports that freshman Prince George’s County state delegate Tiffany T. Alston indicted on theft charges amid allegations that she spent thousands of dollars of campaign contributions to pay for wedding expenses and for the salary of an employee in her law firm.

The indictment says that Delegate Alston wrote herself checks from the account of “Friends of Tiffany Alston” and then cashed the checks for personal use, including picking up the tab for this wedding. She is charged with one count of felony theft, one count of misdemeanor theft, one count of fraudulent misappropriation by a fiduciary and two election law violations.

Alston was last in the news when she sponsored a gay marriage bill and then voted against it. Somewhere, John Kerry and Mitt Romney nod approvingly.

She had a nice story going: her own law firm, a state delegate at age 33, and even the ultimate sign of status in America: her own Wikipedia page. She also had this great Washington City Paper puff piece talking about, ironically, her life as a philanthropist.

Crazy story.