Maryland Constitutional Law Trivia

Did you know that Maryland’s Constitution requires that every 20 years the state’s voters must decide whether the Maryland General Assembly must call for a Constitutional Convention?

I think we need a Constitutional Convention to pick more things on which we don’t get a chance to vote. Like whether we should have a rule requiring voters to vote to have a Constitutional Convention and whether the general public should decide who will be our judges.

Not that the public could not make a good call as to who should be our judges. And if we lived in Mayberry, it might not be a bad idea. The problem is, I would estimate less than 1% of us – and less than 5% of lawyers – are really able to make the call as to who would make the best judge amongst the candidates. Why? Because we all have many other things to do. We have a hard enough time making informed choices in presidential elections and for governor, and the general public does not have the information or the interest to make informed calls on judges.

One more thought. I have no problem with lawyers who run for election. The game is the game, as Omar Little would say. There is nothing wrong with availing yourself to the existing process and I have been in front of many elected judges that were extremely good judges. I just think we should change the process.