Maryland Bar Exam Results July 2009

Results for the Maryland Bar Exam taken in July 2009 are expected to be posted on Friday, November 6, 2009, on the Maryland Board of Law Examiners website.

The good news if you are patiently waiting: I think you passed. On the July exam last year, Maryland had an 81.6% passage rate: 1112 passes, 250 failures. Of the people who are so stressed out they are Googling the results before Friday afternoon, I suspect that you applied that stress to studying for the bar. Which means you studied harder. I put your – yes, your – chances of passing the bar at 94.7%. That’s pretty good odds.

But remember this: if you fall in that 5.3%, you can take it again. Neither the world nor your career hinges on this. So relax and enjoy the rest of your week. This also goes for those taking the New York bar exam (results tomorrow) or Texas bar exam (results on Friday with Maryland).