Maryland Bar Exam July 2011

The Maryland Bar Exam is coming around the corner once again for July 2011. You know what this means? Lots of traffic for this blog from people looking for information – any information – on the July exam.

Folks, I don’t have much. But I have a theory. If you Googled something to the effect of “Maryland bar exam July 2011” you are more likely to pass the bar exam than someone who has not. Why? Because just the fact that you care so much to be looking for information, probably puts you in the category of law students that care more than most. You are 10% more likely to pass the bar exam if you read this post than those who don’t (standard deviation: 10%).

My advice: relax. Easier said than done. But the chances are strong – statistically – you will pass the bar exam. If you don’t? Seriously, seriously, the world will not come to an end. I can honestly say I only remember one person who didn’t pass the bar. A lot of people I came out with didn’t but I really only remember one person. No one remembers. There is a long career ahead for you even in the unlikely event you don’t pass.