Maryland Athletic Club Lawsuit Settles

The Severna Park Fitness and Health Blog, published by Club One Fitness in Millersville, has a post today on a Maryland Daily Record article written by Danny Jacobs involving a woman who sued the Maryland Athletic Club (“MAC”) over a theft that occurred at the club. The case was settled by the Maryland Athletic Club just before it went to trial in Baltimore City earlier this month.

I’m surprised the Maryland Athletic Club did not file a motion for summary judgment based on what I’m sure is a clause in their contract that says they are not responsible for thefts at their gym even if the theft is because of the Maryland Athletic Club’s negligence. (I’m assuming, I have never read the MAC’s contract.) According to Seigneur v. National Fitness Inst., Inc., 132 Md. App. 271(2000), this is permissible contract language.

Elsewhere, I have talked about how so many silly cases in Maryland find their way to Circuit Court, which decreases average jury verdicts in Maryland well below the national average. This is yet another example.