MAJ Family Law Seminar

I tend to forget that the Maryland Association of Justice has resources for family lawyers in Maryland because our law firm only handles personal injury cases. But they do. On May 15th in Columbia, MAJ is putting on “How Masters Are Deciding Difficult Cases” with the following speakers and topics:


The Honorable C. Theresa Beck, Master, Baltimore County

The Honorable Theresa A. Furnari, Master, Baltimore City

The Honorable Theodore M. Hart, Master, Harford County

Chief Judge Peter B. Krauser, Court of Special Appeals

The Honorable Mary M. Kramer, Master, Howard County

The Honorable Richard Sandy, Master, Frederick County

The Honorable Timothy P. Thurtle, Master, Anne Arundel County

The Honorable Ralph T. Uebersax, Master, Carroll County

The Honorable Judy L. Woodall, Master, Prince George’s County

The Honorable Clark Wisor, III, Master, Montgomery County

Issues to be Addressed:

Parenting Coordinators
Custody Evaluations
Children’s Counsel
Gay and Lesbian Issues
Pendente Lite Alimony
Attorneys Fees
Financial Inability of either party to leave the home
Domestic Violence
International Custody
Parental Alienation and Contempt
The Interlocutory Appeal
The Dominant Spouse not paying the bills

Call the Maryland Association of Justice at 410-872-0993 for more information.