Lord & Whip Lawsuit Settles

The Maryland Daily Record reports that the former Lord & Whip P.A. partner who sought to dissolve the firm has settled the claim.

The lawsuit had made some pretty interesting charges about how Lord & Whip broke up. Lord & Whip may still be a good law firm but it certainly a shell of its old self, down now to three lawyers. You can’t help but wonder what Lord & Whip themselves – who founded the firm 104 years ago – would think of this and, for me, I started to think about the demise of my law firm which I hope happens long after I’m gone.

You can find the names of the parties involved by reading the Complaint or going to the Daily Record article. My general rule is that nothing is served by naming names. These folks had their little battle and the final score will be preserved online for all time. Just not on my blog because these people are not public figures that should have their professional battles played out of the public. I realize every media outlet does this, but I think it the wrong play. Because in situations like this, you never really know who the real good guys and bad guys are even if you did, you would understand the history of what happened.

So let’s hope they go all Ari Gold on us, and they hug it out. Either way, let’s let this story go quietly.