Lord & Whip Down to One Partner

And then there was one. The Maryland Daily Record reports that there is just one partner left at Lord & Whip.

Lord & Whip’s slogan is “A Century’s Perspective: A Modern Approach.” No matter how good of a lawyer the last remaining partner may be, it might be a good idea to pull this sign down if he is under 130 years old.

I’ve probably reported on this story so much because Lord & Whip was involved in one of our first big wrongful death cases when we started this law firm. Lord & Whip had nice offices – albeit in Charles Center South on 36 Charles Place, a building I have never particularly liked, mostly because I don’t like the elevators. Lord & Whip seemed like a good firm. They had a good reputation and seemed to run a professional shop. If you had told me then that they would have one partner in 2010, I would have said you are crazy. I guess this is life as a lawyer for many in this new legal economy.