Liberty Mutual Buys Safeco

The Associated Press reports Liberty Mutual will purchase Safeco for $6.12 billion.

Liberty Mutual is fast becoming an insurance company powerhouse. Their marketing paradigm, for whatever reason, is regional, so car accident lawyers with Liberty Mutual often see the names of its regional companies: America First Insurance, Colorado Casualty, Golden Eagle Insurance, Hawkeye-Security Insurance, Indiana Insurance, Liberty Northwest, Montgomery Insurance, Ohio Casualty, Peerless Insurance and Wausau Insurance Companies.

With this merger, Liberty Mutual will become the country’s fifth-biggest property insurer. Our lawyers in Maryland deal mostly with Liberty Mutual, Ohio Casualty, and Montgomery Insurance. I believe the Maryland cases are going to be put under the Ohio Casualty umbrella, according to an Ohio Casualty adjuster I spoke with yesterday who had our case – which was a Montgomery Insurance case – transferred to him.

Relatively speaking – an important qualification – I think that both the Liberty Mutual insurance companies and Safeco are fairly reasonable to deal with in personal injury cases, although my partner Laura Zois was forced to try a case a few months ago after a ridiculous offer from a Safeco adjuster that I really like. The jury apparently agreed and awarded approximately five times the settlement offer.