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Latest Maryland Legal News

  • Maryland trial judges are near the bottom in a state-by-state salary ranking. Via On the Record. This is a bad thing. I realize the Maryland state budget is a disaster and everything and real cuts have to be made. But we really need good judges and it is important to do whatever we can to narrow the gap between what judges could make off the bench and what they make on the bench. Clearly, judges are going to make less than they could in private practice. If they require salaries that approximate their worth in the free market, they are not going to last as judges (or apply in the first place). The key, however, is to narrow the gap as much as we can to make the position as attractive as possible.
  • Social security disability reform in the works?
  • A Baltimore County auto shop pleads guilty in towing scheme. Seventeen – seventeen!!! – police officers were involved. More from the Baltimore Sun.
  • This is a crazy story about a Maryland lawyer accepting a drink. This post is a little dated though (1928). Somehow, Clarence Darrow gets involved. True fact: apparently there were only 57 lawyers in the whole country in 1928. And they all knew each other.
  • There have been 11 deaths on Hartford County roads this year The latest was, not surprisingly, a motorcyclist (who apparently was not at-fault for the accident).