Judge Tapes Court Proceedings to Be Next Judge Judy

A San Diego Superior Court Judge resigned after admitting to the California Commission on Judicial Performance that she had secretly filmed her courtroom to make an audition tape in a desire to become the next Judge Judy. The Commission made clear what a mockery the judge made of the courtroom during her demo tapes: “while the cameras were rolling, the proceedings took on the atmosphere of a game show.” Apparently, the judge even manipulated the trial schedule to best suit her taping, sending out an email that she would “line up my most interesting cases for the afternoon….”

Just a wild story. It is amazing that someone who could get a prestigious job on the bench would be so willing to burn her credibility like that. She may have been a good judge – who knows – but it is just an incredible lapse in judgment that should not go unpunished. You can get the full summary of the transcript of how the judge was playing to the camera. It really is worth reading for the entertainment value of watching this judge try to be Judge Judy on steroids. You can also find a full summary from Bruce Carton’s post on the Legal Watch Blog.