Judge Diane O. Leasure

Howard County Circuit Court Judge Diane O. Leasure announced she will retire from the bench in November. Judge Leasure is taking a position as a senior judicial fellow and lecturer at the University of Maryland School of Law. She is expected to continue to take the bench on an as needed basis as many retired judges thankfully do.

I don’t know why she is retiring. I do know she was up for election in 2012. It is possible she wanted to get out before she had to run for re-election? Maybe. If so, it would be another arrow in my “electing judges is so dumbin the first place” quiver.

I’m older now and I can remember when every Hall of Fame athlete inducted now began their career. I remember getting sad the first time I remembered the rookie year of someone being inducted. I think it was the late great Walter Payton (because I had a Bears helmet that lives on in old home movies).

Judge Leasure took the bench around the same time I passed the bar. So I feel a little like I did when Payton made the Hall of Fame.