Jon Gosselin Lawsuit!

The lawsuit against Jon Gosselin is pending here in Montgomery County, Maryland!!

The lawsuit alleges breach of the contract governing his participation in the reality television show “Jon & Kate + Eight.”

According to the Maryland Daily Record, Discovery Talent Services LLC filed the lawsuit Friday in Montgomery County Circuit Court. Why does Discovery have personal jurisdiction over the besieged Gosselin? Discovery has a choice of venue clause. In Jon Gosselin’s rush to fame, he may have looked over the fine print.

I couldn’t possibility be more excited. The Maryland Lawyer Blog will provide gavel-to-gavel coverage of this trial. Later today, I’ll breakdown the Complaint and compare and contrast John Gosselin with Balloon Boy’s dad. Tomorrow, I’ll redraft the Complaint in lambic pentameter.

I’m estimating about 10,000 people will now subscribe to the Maryland Lawyer Blog and two-thirds of those will just hit the refresh button.