Jim Leyritz’s Driver’s License Was Suspended: Who Cares?

Reports are coming out now that former New York Yankee Jim Leyritz was driving with a suspended license at the time he is accused of driving while intoxicated and killing a young woman in Florida last month.

This is one of those things that the media makes a big issue about when it really is no issue at all. Apparently, Jim Leyritz was ticketed for, of all things, using a cell phone while driving and he failed to post for his trial.

This is the very definition of not a big deal. It might even be possible – theoretically – that I recently had my license suspended for of all things failing to display a front tag (I thought my wife paid the fine and they sent notice to my old address). It has absolutely nothing to do with what happened or why it happened in the case and will, in the end, be of no legal consequence.

What is a big deal is that a woman lost her life in this accident and Jim Leyritz has been accused of causing the accident while driving drunk. By focusing on the wrong things, I think the media sometimes sends the wrong message to all of us about what really matters.