Fantasy Supreme Court Pick

What do you make of the much-circulated rumor that President Obama will nominate Alan Dershowitz to the Supreme Court this week? Of course, I’m completely making this up. The Internet is great. If you say something crazy enough, someone will pick it up and it will become the next hot rumor. Could modern society function without Snopes?

This leads me to another “we would not have conceived of this even 5 years ago” tidbit: there is a fantasy Supreme Court website where you can make your fantasy pick for Supreme Court justice. On his site, Josh Blackmon has photoshopped Elena Kagan into a picture with the other Supreme Court justices.

In other Supreme Court news, the court has closed the main entrance to the Supreme Court for security reasons. Two justices dissented from the decision. That sounds like another joke. But it is not. There really was a dissenting opinion.

One more big Supreme Court issue out there is televising Supreme Court oral arguments. Is there any chance Supreme Court arguments won’t be televised in 2030? Obviously, keeping cameras out is the wrong side of history. We now know what Tiger Woods is eating for breakfast. Americans now demand more information. We want to see how the sausage is being made, particularly when it is our sausage. So without a compelling reason for keeping cameras out, I think it is time to make the people’s court the people’s court.